1. This secret agent.

This secret agent.

CuteKittenMittens / Via reddit.com

2. This master of disguise.

This master of disguise.

NobodyUnderstandsMe / Via imgur.com

3. This curious investigator.

This curious investigator.

thecroshley / Via reddit.com

4. This tricky operative.

This tricky operative.

Hobostabz / Via reddit.com

5. This nosy neighbor.

This nosy neighbor.

Forrestguy / Via reddit.com

6. This covert peeker.

This covert peeker.

Robbercaravan / Via reddit.com

7. This devious double agent.

This devious double agent.

suddendeathovertime / Via reddit.com

8. This duplicitous mole.

This duplicitous mole.

wink_e / Via reddit.com

9. This shifty observer.

This shifty observer.

Fourthirty6 / Via reddit.com

10. This undercover agent.

This undercover agent.

SpeshulSnoflake / Via reddit.com

11. This deceitful snoop.

This deceitful snoop.

rthed / Via reddit.com

12. This sly infiltrator.

This sly infiltrator.

weed_fairy / Via reddit.com

13. This underhanded watcher.

This underhanded watcher.

eveisalwaysright / Via imgur.com

14. This sneaking scout.

This sneaking scout.

jshaner999 / Via imgur.com

15. This surreptitious lookout.

This surreptitious lookout.

Superlurkinger / Via reddit.com

16. This stealthy spy.

This stealthy spy.

Jonerdak / Via reddit.com

17. This slippery sleuth.

This slippery sleuth.

kstreet2012 / Via reddit.com

18. And this very deadly assassin.

And this very deadly assassin.
jonimc / Via reddit.com